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Criminal Defense

Disclaimer: Laws change, so consult attorney for updates.

Serious criminal charges require the services of a serious criminal defense attorney with the skills, resources and reputation to protect your legal rights throughout the process of arrest, trial and appeals. We handle all types of criminal offenses, including

  • Assault Charges. Assault ranges from simple assault to assault with intent to commit murder.
  • Burglary. If the building being entered is a residence (or "dwelling"), the charge is for home invasion. If the building is a place of business, the charge is for commercial burglary.
  • Child Abuse Crimes. There are several different degrees of Child Abuse and Neglect that all carry substantial criminal penalties. You can be charged with Child Abuse and Neglect for intentional, knowing, willful, negligent, and reckless acts.
  • Drug Charges. Drug crimes range from simple misdemeanors, such as possession to felonies punishable by life in prison, such as delivery. The penalties for possession, use, sale, and manufacture of various drugs range from a minimal fine or probation to life in prison.
  • Firearm Charges. A felony firearms conviction requires a two-year minimum prison sentence for your first offense.
  • Home Invasion. Home Invasion is the law that replaced common law burglary in Michigan. There are varying degrees of Home Invasion.
  • Homicide. Homicide is the killing of one person by another. It ranges from manslaughter to First Degree Murder.
  • Juvenile Crimes. When the child is less than 17 and is charged with a crime, it is usually in juvenile court which has its own set of procedures.
  • Motor Vehicle Charges. Drunk driving, Felonious Driving, Reckless Driving, Vehicular Manslaughter fall within this category.
  • Probation Violations. If you are suspected of violating your probation, you may receive a notice of a violation hearing or a revocation hearing. Van Epps can represent you at this hearing.
  • Sex Crimes. There are degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct, the name it is often called from first degree to fourth degree.
  • Theft Charges. Includes everything from Shoplifting to White Collar Crimes.

At the law offices of Van Epps & Van Epps, the lawyers are staunch advocates on behalf of all clients, regardless of the charges. Skilled negotiators, we are often able to work with prosecutors in order to negotiate a reduced sentence or get charges dropped where appropriate. Lacking that, we are aggressive litigators who will question and investigate all evidence and methods used to prosecute your case in order to ensure that your legal rights are upheld and justice is served with a swift and cost-effective resolution that minimizes your time away from your family.

For aggressive reliable criminal defense from a respected Michigan trial attorney, contact the offices of Van Epps & Van Epps today for a case evaluation and discussion of possible legal remedies after a serious felony or misdemeanor criminal charge.

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