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Disclaimer: Law change, so consult attorney for updates.


A Summons notifies the other spouse that he or she is being sued and to respond. If the other party does not respond then a default may be taken.

A Complaint is the formal document which tells the other party in general terms what you are seeking to accomplish.

Motions and Orders sometimes occur to protect assets and people. Sometimes motions seek emergency orders which may be granted without a hearing or, with short notice. Some courts have regular procedures for temporary custody orders. 

Filing Fee. As of September 2011, the filing fee for a divorce is $150, and, iff there are children, $230. Other costs may be added during the proceedings, including the cost of serving papers, motion fees, arbitration or mediation costs, and witness fees.

The Plaintiff is the party who files the lawsuit and the Defendant is the person against whom the case is started. Each county has an office of the Friend of the Court who makes recommendations regarding support and custody and enforces the court's orders regarding these issues.

Michigan law prohibits a case concluding before 60 days have passed (six months with minor children). The court schedules a hearing before granting the divorce requiring you to give some brief testimony.

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